INNOVARRA Project Details

The project aims to identify and develop methods and technologies of knowledge management, which have the greatest impact on the final results of the company, as well as the most appropriate for particular areas of knowledge of the company.

The novelty of the project is the system interdisciplinary approach, based on best international practices, first used on the Russian companies.



The solution of the problem involves 5 tracks of research:

“The Effects of the knowledge management practices on business results”

“Typology and generalized enterprise knowledge map”

“Working with knowledge on products/services and customers, customer orientation”

“Working with knowledge in operation management”

“Working with knowledge in strategic management and organizational development”.



The results of the project will enhance the competitiveness of Russian companies through a better understanding of the role of knowledge management in the development of intellectual capital and increasing the overall performance of the company.


The project is designed for three years and involves three main stages:

Stage 1 - analytical review of studies on the global state of innovation in the field of knowledge management,

Stage 2 - the development of new models, methods and approaches,

Stage 3 - testing and validation of the developed models, as well as the conduct and analysis of empirical studies. 



Tasks Completed in 2015 and Research Results


Tasks Completed in 2016 and Research Results