Strategy Lessons from Great Leaders or how Strategy can benefit you on personal and professional level

On 24th of November at 18.00 the open lecture of Dr. Ioannis P. Christodoulou (University of Westminster, Westminster Business School, GSOM SPbU visiting professor).


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«The particular session offers a brief introduction to key concepts of strategy and leadership. The core content is about major strategic lessons by great business and historical leaders that can be applied both on a personal and a professional level. 


Great personalities like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln and many more, are analysed in order to learn from their experience. 


The session utilises slides, cases, mini videos and, more than anything, direct discussion and debate in order to engage the audience in a stimulating and memorable experience. After the lecture the attendees can also get a copy of the slides and discuss further on the topics. 


Thank you and see you there!»


Dr Ioannis P. Christodoulou


Time and date: 24.11.2015, 18:00 (UTC+03:00)

Адрес: Volkhovsky per., 3. Online broadcast also available.

For personal attendance registration is required

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