Research workshop “Dynamic Model of Entrepreneurship Training”






About the lecture

About the speaker


Time and place







When: May 18-20, 2016


Duration: 3 days, from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.


Where: GSOM SPbU, downtown campus (Volkhovskiy,3), room 309


The event is recommended for: academic staff, young scholars


Language: English, Russian


Terms of participation: for representatives of “Center for Entrepreneurship” Ltd



 About the lecture

On May 18-20, 2016 the three-day research workshop "Dynamic model of Entrepreneurship Training” will be held at Graduate School of Management SPbU.  


The joint workshop of the Center for Entrepreneurship of SGOM and “Center for Entrepreneurship” Ltd will be devoted to the exchange of experience of research and training in the field of entrepreneurship. The participants of the workshop will have an opportunity to get to know the results of the latest research, to discuss the approaches to the understanding of the concept of entrepreneurship and the effective methods of entrepreneurship research and training at the international and Russian level.


Galina V. Shirokova, Professor, Strategic and International Management Department, will moderate the workshop. 



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 About the speaker


Ray Smilor, Professor, Neeley School of Business, USA.

Expert with a worldwide reputation in the field of teaching and development of programs in the field of entrepreneurship.

Author and editor of thirteen books on entrepreneurship, including such as «Daring Visionaries: How Entrepreneurs Build Companies, Inspire Allegiance, and Create Wealth».






Michael Morris, Professor, College of Business Administration, University of Florida, USA.


President of the American Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

Widely published author and researcher, author of six books and more than one hundred academic articles.






Minet Schindehutte, Associate Professor, Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University, USA.


Research interests include the study of the links between entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy; Entrepreneurship in adverse conditions; factors affecting performance.






Derek Abell, Professor, founder and president of the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Germany.

Founder of the Association for Development of the Office of Central and Eastern Europe (CEEMAN), President of the International Committee of CEEMAN (on quality accreditation).

Author of 5 books and numerous articles. He wrote more than 100 cases in the field of  marketing, strategy, leadership, corporate governance, management, and innovative technologies.






Galina V. Shirokova, Professor, Graduate School of Management SPbU.

Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship of GSOM.
Research interests include entrepreneurial orientation, organizational life-cycle and firm growth, international entrepreneurship, student entrepreneurship.
Author of 3 books and more than 50 academic articles.



 Time and place



When: 18 - 20 May, from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.


Duration:  3 days


Where: GSOM SPbU, downtown campus (Volkhovskiy,3), room 309



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