GSOM SPbU Master Programs Presentation





About the presentation

Time and place







When: 28.02.2017, 18:00



Duration: 1- 1,5 h



Where: GSOM SPbU, downtown campus (Volkhovskiy,3)



The event is recommended for: Master programs applicants



Language: Russian and English



Terms of participation: registration is required



 About the presentation

On 28.02.2017, 18:00 GSOM SPbU Master Programs presentation



You have a chance to get to know:


  • Why GSOM SPbU is the best business school in Russia? (Details)
  • What various concentrations of MIM program are all about? (Details)
  • Where do MCF Alumni work? (Details)
  • What does make MPM program unique? (Details)
  • What are the possibilities to get two diplomas free of charge?
  • What will you do after graduation?
  • How to apply successfully? (Details



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 Time and place



When: 28.02.2017 at 18:00


Duration:  1 - 1,5 hours


Where: GSOM SPbU, downtown campus (Volkhovskiy,3)



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