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When: April 22nd (Saturday), from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm


Duration: five and a half hours


Where: GSOM SPbU, campus Mikhailovskaya dacha (Sankt-Peterburgskoe shosse, 109)


The event is recommended for: students, postgraduates, alumni & staff


Language: Russian, English


Terms of participation: registration is mandatory (number of participants limited)


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 About the conference

Officially licensed by the New York TED organization, independent TEDxSPbU event is organized by the students of Saint Petersburg State University which aim is to preach the essence of all TED events – “Ideas worth spreading”. On April 22nd GSOM campus “Michailovskaya Dacha” will become a venue for a big event. It will be a distinctive place to attract gifted, socially active students, who are ready to learn more, and spectacular speakers who will share their outstanding ideas in the distinguish 18-minutes format.


TEDx conference is a place where speakers from different spheres perform in front of the eager audience. One after another they give speeches on seemingly never related to each other topics. This has an indelible effect on those who listen, giving them an opportunity to broaden their mindset and to create their own cross-disciplinary links. All performances are recorded on a video and then uploaded on an official TEDx broadcasting channel. Among those who shared their stories from the red TED stage were Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Gordon Brown and many others movers & shakers of this world.


TEDxSPbU will unite students of different departments of SPbSU with professors, famous scientists and successful alumni. We want to cultivate an idea that the University is much wider than just one specific department and if all students are united it is possible to make a breakthrough.


The headline of TEDxSPbU – «Together». Behind every invention or worldwide corporation there is a TEAM that has started from the bottom and has eventually made it possible. The time when just one person could turn the world upside down has already passed. We are dependent on each other in the world of complex links and interactions. There are spheres where serious issues can be solved only TOGETHER: science, space, worldwide companies, medicine, natural disasters etc. We should unite to fight those struggles the modern world gives.



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 About the speakers


Oleg Illarionov


Leader of “Snapster” (vk.com), one of those who founded the social networking company with Durov brothers back to 2006.




Maria Novosad


Video blogger (half a million subscribers on YouTube, 94 million views), studies at SPbSU (free arts and sciences department).


Daryan Volkova


"Art in the square" – former professional ballet dancer. But she never gave up her desire after retiring. Right now she takes mesmerizing photographs of what surround her in the world of ballet (ballet dancers’ daily routine, “behind the scene” theatre photographs).


Alexandr Murataev


Prominent Russian illusionist, he has more than 10 years of successful performances both in front of TV cameras and real audience. He has taken part in several well-known TV shows on main channels (Perviy Canal, TNT, Pyatiy Canal, TV3), awarded TEFI prize for his morning show on Pyatiy Channel.


Oleg Maslov


Student of master’s program of double diploma (SPbSU and Freie Universität Berlin), «Global Communication and International Journalism», winner of Public Speaking – contest, organized by TEDxSPbU team for students of all faculties. The decision of delegating him as a speaker on the TEDxSPbU event was made by the audience, mainly consisting of GSOM students


Victoria Evdokimova


Founder of “Saint Petersburg telephone number” project – the telephone number of the whole city, which one can call and be connected with a randomly chosen citizen. The project is supported by the town’s tourism council, technical partner – “Megafon” company.


Petr Krivorotko


Main reasercher, head of the department, oncologist of Petrov’s Research Institute of Cancer. A household name in the sphere of cancer.



 Time and place



When: April 22nd, 2017 (10:30 am)


Where: GSOM SPbU, campus Mikhailovskaya dacha (Sankt-Peterburgskoe shosse, 109) 



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