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When:  October 13th



Duration:  14:00 – 15:30



Where:  GSOM SPbU, Volkhovskiy per. 3, room 309 



Language:  English





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October 13th, 2017 XXI Dean Pashkus Readings will take place. Guest speaker Ivan Tchakarov, Citi Chief Economist in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan  will deliver the lecture on topic "Economic Developments in World/Russia".





Ivan Tchakarov has worked in Russia and the regions for almost 10 years now in such companies as Citigroup, Renaissance Capital, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Nomura and Lehman Brothers. He has been awarded for the accuracy of his forecasts by ConsensusEconomics, FocusEconomics, etc.


Ivan Tchakarov started his professional career at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C. There he worked in the Research Department, building large-scale macroeconomic forecasting models, and the Asian Pacific Department, where he was the Lead Economist for Thailand, Myanmar and the Maldives.


He has numerous publications in scholarly journals in the area of open-economy macroeconomics and has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters TV, Russia 24, RBC and others. He has been quoted in the FT, WSJ, NYT, The Economist and writes regularly for Vedomosti, the main Russian business daily.



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Annual Dean Pashkus Readings

St. Petersburg University Graduate School of Management is the successor of the Faculty of Management of Saint Petersburg State University, which was established through the initiative of Stanislav P. Merkuriev, Rector of Saint Petersburg State University, a prominent Russian expert on theoretical physics. Rector's order, signed on January 25, 1993, was preceded by a cooperation agreement with the University of California, Berkeley (November 4, 1992) in the project for the creation of the Faculty “School of Management” of Saint Petersburg State University.

The foundation of the new faculty was initiated by an outstanding scholar and renowned research university. Not surprisingly, the leading professor of the Faculty of Economics Yury V. Pashkus (1939-1996), known for his research work on the foreign economy, especially on German financial and banking system, was invited to chair such an innovative faculty.

Over a short period from 1993 to 1996 Yury V. Pashkus being the Dean organizing new faculty, succeeded in creating the foundations of all future research directions. His last monograph on the real estate market, co-written with his numerous students, was published at the time when he was gone.

Since 1996 the SPbU GSOM hosts traditional Pashkus Readings on the last Friday of October. During this event the faculty and researchers of the School commemorate Yury V. Pashkus contribution to the creation of SPbU GSOM.

Since 2006 under the Decision of the Academic Council of September 6, 2006 (Protocol 1) the format of Pashkus Readings has changed. In order to increase the value the Readings since then consist of one hour lecture on basic or applied management problems with the subsequent opponents speech, questions and discussion.


Yury V. Pashkus Biography


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Time and Place



When:  October 13th 2017, starts at 14:00 pm

Where: GSOM SPbU, Volkhovskiy per. 3, room 309