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When:  18-21 December 2017



Where:  Volkhovskiy pereulok, 1/3, St.-Petersburg



Language:  English



To Whom: 

  • International and Russian players involved in international business development
  • Managers contemplating expand abroad with at least 10 years of working experience 


Tuition fees: € 2,250


























Suzanne Bruneau

Affiliate Professor, HEC Paris 



Andrei Panibratov

Professor, GSOM St. Petersburg University



About Event

In our current economic climate, the majority of companies can no longer rely solely on their domestic markets. In order to ensure sustainable growth and development they need to focus on international markets. This program provides invaluable insights into how companies expand abroad and transform themselves into global players.





  • Evaluate market opportunities and pay offs
  • Develop business plan 
  • Reinforce the skills to establish relationships with suppliers, distributors, retailers and institutions
  • Communicate, influence and negotiate more effectively in international settings
  • Framework international expansion strategies to obtain tangible results





  • Modern macroeconomic trends
  • Company foreign expansion process 
  • Internationalization projects criteria
  • Marketing plan as a roadmap to foreign expansion
  • Fundamentals of cultural intelligence 
  • Local vs International
  • Value pricing principles and strategy
  • Negotiating solutions in contexts where culture and organization have a significant impact
  • Risk analysis of business model
  • Partnering locally choosing an expansion partner





  • All participants carry out preliminary work to assess their individual relationship style and preferred value system at work. Individual debriefing sessions and support are given during the program to develop an individual action plan
  • Interactive learning approach focusing on key concepts and methods and providing practical templates
  • Case studies based on real companies and individualized debriefing sessions




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Anastasia Zaretskaya

Deputy Director for Executive Education 


+7 921 340 73 39




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When:  18-21 December 2017

Where: Volkhovskiy pereulok, 1/3, St.-Petersburg