Unilever is going to present the “Clash of Sales” championship

On February 18th 2016 Unilever is going to present the “Clash of Sales” championship! The event will take place inside your campus “Mikhaylovskaya Dacha”.


During the event that will be held by Saint Petersburg branch of the company you will get to know:


  1. All possible and impossible information about Unilever.
  2. What is so special about working in sales.
  3. How Sales Department structure looks like.
  4. What is omni channels?
  5. How to build career with Unilever.
  6. How to get in and what benefits Clash of Sales would bring into your life.



Date&Time: February 18th, 2016, 11.45 – 13.15

Venue: Campus “Mikhaylovskaya Dacha”, room 1215




Vyacheslav Pimkin, regional sales manager

Anastasia Ilyinskaya, trade marketing manager


To attend the event please REGISTER!