Sergey V. Bazhanov

Sergei Viktorovich Bazhanov

President, International Bank of St. Petersburg


(born August 23, 1954; Leningrad)


Graduated from the Ulyanovsk's Polytechnic Institute in 1976, the Soviet of Ministers of the Russian Federation Academy of Economics in 1991, worked for the trade union committee of the  Ulyanovsk's Polytechnic Institute, 1982-1986 president of the trade union committee; 1986-1987 full-time communist party worker, 1987-1992 – deputy director of Kontaktor factory (Ulyanovsk), since 1992 -  Associate Manager, Volga branch of InkomBank, 1993-1996 — Managing director, St. Petersburg branch of InkomBank, Board of directors member, vice-president and then Senior vice-president of InkomBank, since November 1996 First vice-president and since May,1997 Board of Directors Chairman of Baltoneksim Bank (St. Petersburg), in April 1999 was appointed the president of St. Petersburg Lesopromishleny Bank renamed in 1997 into International Bank of Saint Petersburg. Sergei Bazhanov is a member of the Association of commercial banks of St. Petersburg, a member of Supervisory Board of Saint Petersburg State University.


26.11.2008-25.09.2013 — Member of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

From 14.08.2013 Sergey Bazhanov returned President and Chairman of the Board, International Bank of St. Petersburg.

Sergey Bazhanov chaired the GSOM SPbU Advisory Board from 2003 till 2007, he gave several guest lectures for GSOM students, he was also a guest of several solemn ceremonies.

Mr. Bazhanov is married. He likes sports, especially aqua biking, yachting, skiing.