Master class "Pirate marketing: rules of the game" by EY

As a part of Fall Career Day '15 EY will held a master class "Pirate marketing: rules of the game".



We are a part of the world of brands. Each company, be it a small entrepreneurship or a huge corporation, tries to create its own bright brand and style that would attract consumers. In such a situation every successful shape or idea would cost millions.
Is it necessary to invent a unique and original brand? One of the founders of the modern marketing theory Theodore Levitt half a century ago wrote: «Just look around and you'll see - imitations are not just dominate in quantity over innovations, but more often they serve as a tool for business growth and significant benefit». Truly, imitation as a tool of competition is prevailing on the market since long ago: many new products services and business models contain adoption elements. That is why, as is can be seen on practice, understanding of law tactics and and mechanisms that are a basis of this so-called "mimicry game" gain the utmost importance. 
Specialists of EY Centre of intellectual property intive you to discuss the way how brands are being copied, re-used and imitated, what best practices are used by marketing pirates for this purpose and what norms of law regulate the activities in the sphere. 
During the master class you'll touch upon the topics:
•    Law aspects of parasite branding: it is real when imitation technologies do not break the law; 
•    Common tendencies in global mimicry phenomena development: lawyer's view;
•    How not to be deceived in the competition for consumers and how to stay alive in the modern world of cues;
•    Is it possible to protect brand shape and what are untraditional tools of its legal defence.
1.    Aleksey Petrov, senior legal expert of EY CIS Centre for intellectual property;
2.    Dmitriy Bespalov, specialist in innovation products of EY CIS Centre for intellectual property.