Welcome from the Director

It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to the Center for the study of Emerging Market and Russian MNEs.


Deepening the knowledge and understanding of emerging market MNEs is critical at a time in which these firms are being transformed by globalization and international competition and in turn alter the very dynamics of these forces. These developments pose challenges and opportunities for the stakeholders with whom the Center seeks to engage and contribute: The academic community, firms, and policy makers. The Center’s work contributes to the academic community as it seeks to extend existing theories and develop new ones in order to explain the distinctive nature of the international activities of emerging market firms. The contribution to emerging market MNEs lies in offering assistance in confronting the new and different forms and competition at home, and acquiring tools to embrace new opportunities overseas. Policymakers will benefit from research-based advice regarding the policy means needed to confront with new forms of global interdependencies that are shaping the fabric of the institutional environment in their countries. The Center addresses these issues, with specific focus on Russian firms.


Providing Russian companies with the tools to identify opportunities in the global markets and design strategies to take advantage of them is a task of considerable contemporary importance. With the increasing uncertainty in Russia foreign activity has gained particular significance for Russian firms.


As the leading business school in Eastern Europe, GSOM is well-placed to host the Center. It employs some of the world’s foremost experts on Russian MNEs, whose expertise will provide the foundation for the work of the Center. The Center will also benefit from the close contacts of GSOM with Russia local business community and the policy makers overseeing their activities.


The Center’s major activities focus on research by the Center’s staff and affiliated partners around the world; the establishment of a comprehensive database of Russian MNEs that will provide a detailed picture of their international activities, and teaching and training activities for companies and education institutions in Russia and elsewhere.



We hope that you will join us on this exciting journey and invite you to contribute to our work, with ideas for our activities, collaboration opportunities, and participation in our events


Lilac Nachum


Director, Center for the Study of Emerging Market and Russian MNEs

Professor, Baruch College, City University New York


Keynote speech of Prof Lilac Nachum with presentation of the Center for the Study of Emerging Market and Russian Multinational Enterprises at a plenary session of the International Conference “GSOM Emerging Markets Conference 2015: Business and Government Perspectives”