PricewaterhouseCoopers Center for Corporate Social Responsibility

The PricewaterhouseCoopers Center for Corporate Social Responsibility works towards the creation and sharing of knowledge about managing corporate social performance, stakeholder engagement, organization of corporate philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship.


Main directions for research are:


  • Managing corporate social performance
  • Social investments
  • Corporate Philanthropy
  • Social entrepreneurship   
  • Business Ethics



The results of CRS Center’s research activities are applied across the board at GSOM SPbU for the benefit of current and future programs:


  • EMBA – "Business and Society" course
  • CEMS MIM – Interdisciplinary Seminar "Corporate Responsibility in Managerial Practices"
  • MIB / CEMS MIM – "International Corporate Social Responsibility" course
  • BBA – "Business Ethics" and "Corporate Social Responsibility" courses
  • «Project Management Social Entrepreneurs» Programm 








21.10.2014 | Presentation of the "Report on Social Investments in Russia 2014: Creating Value for Business and Society"

On October 16, 2014 the "Report on Social Investments in Russia 2014: Creating Value for Business and Society" was presented at SPbU GSOM


21.11.2013 | On November 19, 2013 was held Roundtable "Corporations and Social Entrepreneurship: Issues of Interaction"

(SPIBA, Saint - Petersburg): speakers  — Yury Blagov, Candidate of sciences in economics, Director of the program “Project Management for Social Entrepreneurs”, Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, GSOM SPbSU, “What is Social Entrepreneurship?” Anastasia Petrova-Savchenko, Assistant Professor, GSOM SPbSU, “Support of Social Entrepreneurship as Part of Corporate Philanthropy”. Yulia Aray, Research Assistant, Coordinator of the Project “Project Development for Social Entrepreneurs”, GSOM SPbU,“Executive Education Program, Project Management for Social Entrepreneurs”


17.11.2013 | XVIII Annual Pashkus Readings were held at St. Petersburg University Graduate School of Management on November 15, 2013

Plenary session on “The creation of “shared value”: Pro & Contra” was presented by Associate Professor Yury E. Blagov.


02.06.2013 | On May 30, 2013 round table "Corporate philanthropy today: directions and forms" was held in St. Petersburg University GSOM with support of St. Petersburg University and "Kommersant" publishing house.

The agenda include the choice of directions in philanthropy, the forms of corporate philanthropy: a vector of development and the organization of charitable projects in the company.



15.02.2013 | On February 13, 2013 was held Roundtable «Social Entrepreneurship: new opportunities for Saint – Petersburg»

The event addressed issues related to the concept and the legal status of "social entrepreneurship", the ways to improve the legal regulation of social entrepreneurship, problems of financing of projects, as well as the mechanisms of interaction between social entrepreneurs and government. 



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