Main Objectives and Activities

Main Objectives

Based upon the unique successful experience of international cooperation with leading national and international professional associations tackling the SCR issues, - European Business Ethics Network (EBEN), European Academy of Business in Society (EABIS), Caux Round Table (CRT) and Global Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI), - the Center defines the main objectives as follows:


  • To become a leading national research and educational CRS Center.
  • To participate equitably and continuously in the international projects realized by the leading professional associations.
  • To meet accreditations/ranking standards, including participation in Beyond Grey Pinstripes indexes in 2012.


Main Activities


  • Social investments in Russia (in co-operation with Russian Association of Managers)
  • Corporate Philanthropy in Russia (in co-operation with PricewaterhouseCoopers and non-commercial partnership "Donor's Forum")
  • Global socially-responsible leadership (in co-operation with GRLI)
  • Organizational learning in CSR (as part of GOLDEN for Sustainability project)
  • CSR impacts on Society Development (in co-operation with EABiS)
  • Managing corporate social performance (CSP) (in co-operation with EABiS and CRT)
  • Business Ethics (in co-operation with EBEN and CRT)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (in co-operation with Fund "Our Future" + Citi)


Knowledge Dissemination

The knowledge gained and results received will be actively used in:

  • Executive MBA/Executive Education programs in the field of CSR
  • Executive Education program “Project Management for Social Entrepreneurs”
  • Mainstreaming-oriented seminars for GSOM SPbU faculty in order to integrate CSR elements into the basic courses’ system
  • Russian- and international level teaching seminars for business schools’ professors in the field of CSR
  • Preparation and dissemination teaching and methodological materials in the field of CSR
  • Presentation of the research results in the main international and Russian Conferences
  • Publication of research materials and studies in leading international and Russian research journals
  • Setting up a public platform to host research events, including Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Guest Lectures
  • Publication of practice-oriented and methodological materials in professional magazines and other Mass Media



The results of CRS Center’s research activities are applied across the board at GSOM SPbU for the benefit of current and future programs:

  • EMBA – "Business and Society" course
  • CEMS MIM – Interdisciplinary Seminar "Corporate Responsibility in Managerial Practices"
  • MIB / CEMS MIM – "International Corporate Social Responsibility" course
  • BBA – "Business Ethics" and "Corporate Social Responsibility" courses