Maxim Y. Arzumanyan

Senior Lecturer, Information Technologies in Management Department





  • British Higher School of Design, the course «Design of educational programs», 2016
  • SAP Summer School, 2015
  • Development of professional competences in the field of information technology based on Corporation EMC training courses, 2015
  • Open SAP (MOOC). Sustainability and Business Innovation,2014
  • Global University Alliance & LEADing Practice, Course «LEAD Enterprise Architecture eXpert program», 2013
  • Game | Changers. Game Changers Transforming Education Track, 2013
  • Methodology Subject-oriented BPM (S-BPM): Metasonic Suite toolkit 2012
  • Export Academie Baden-Wurttemberg. Web-training course «Innovation management», July 2012
  • Professional courses Training Center IBM: IBM Certified SOA Associate, 2009; IBM Certified Business Process AnalystWebSphere Business Modeler Advanced V7.0, 2011; IBM Certified Associate BPM Analyst, 2012
  • International program «Strategic & Information Technology», Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH, Germany, 2011
  • Development of a process-oriented and integrated solutions to the webMethods platform, 2011
  • IDS by Scheer Academy, course «Business process management, application integration and building SOA platform webMethods», Certificate №W -101026-6664, 2010
  • The controls are corporate information with EMC Documentum Manager, EMC, 2010
  • Academic Centre for SAP competencies, course TERP 10 SAP ERP «Business Integration», 2009
  • Diploma, Faculty of Economics and Management SUT, 2005



  • TOGAF 9 Certified, June 8, 2015, Registration number 96801
  • LEAD Enterprise Architecture Expert, Certification Registration Number: 3045
  • SAP Certified Associate - Business Process Integration with SAP ERP 6.0, EhP6, SAP, certificate number: 0006882935, February, 2009
  • IBM Certified Business Process AnalystWebSphere Business Modeler Advanced V6.2, 2008
  • IBM Certified SOA Associate, 2009
  • IBM Certified Business Process AnalystWebSphere Business Modeler Advanced V7.0, 2011
  • IBM Certified Associate BPM Analyst, 2012
  • ARIS Certified Specialist, ARIS Platform № A7-CS-0067



  • Enterprise Architecture and Business Engineering
  • Social Design and Engineering
  • Modern forms and methods of education



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Articles in periodicals

  • Arzumanyan M., Information world and the essence of the information // Bulletin of the Faculty of Humanities SUT them. prof. MA Bonch-Bruevich №5, St. Petersburg, 2008. - P. 101-118
  • Arzumanyan M., Dorofeev D. Antique peers and social networks as a space of verbal communication and online // Bulletin of the Faculty of Humanities SUT them. prof. MA Bonch-№6, St. Petersburg, 2010 S. 31-47
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  • Arzumanyan M., Trofimtseva A. Enterprise Architecture as an instrument of transformation of state institutions. XVIII Joint Conference «Internet and Modern Society» (IMS-2015): Proceedings. Volume 3 / ITMO. - St. Petersburg 2015 with. 11-15.
  • Arzumanyan M., Kudryavtsev D., Experience of open educational and research program in «Enterprise Architecture» at the Interuniversity «Game | Changers» Platform // Educational Technology and Society. - 2014. - № 3. - S. 615-633.


Monographs and textbooks

  • Enterprise architecture: textbook for undergraduate and graduate programs. Urait (Moscow). 2018. 410 p. — ISBN 978-5-534-06712-5.(coauthors Evgeny Zaramenskikh, Maxim Arzumanyan) (in Russian)
  • Arzumanyan Y., Sotnikov A., Wolfson M., Arzumanyan M. Models and architectures of electronic business, 2009
  • Kudryavtsev D., Arzumanyan M., Grigoriev L. Business Engineering Technology. 2014
  • The contributer to: von Rosing M., Sheer A-W, von Sheel H. The Complete Business Process Handbook. Elsevier, New York, 2014: 707p. ISBN: 978-0-12-799959-3



  • Co-founder and director of intercollegiate academic center «EA Lab» in enterprise architecture / 2014-
  • CEO at Smart Architects.
  • Consultant in the business incubator Ingria. 2016-
  • Representative in Russia and member of the governing board of international academic associations in the field of enterprise architecture «Global University Alliance».
  • Permanent member of the community «Zhivie Goroda», a member of the program committee of the Forum of Zhivie Goroda. 2015-
  • Has successful experience in implementing projects in the field of enterprise architecture, business process management and information for the PJSC «Gazprom», PJSC «Gazprom Neft», PJSC «Rosneft», «Russian Post».

Courses taught at GSOM