Margarita A. Gladkova

Senior Lecturer, Department of Operations Management







  • Candidate of Science (Economics), Graduate School of Management, 2012

Specialization: Economics and management of the national economy (management), Mathematical and instrumental Methods of Economics (economics)

  • Postgraduate study, Graduate School of Management (operations management department), 2007-2010
  • Specialist program, Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Saint-Petersburg State University (mathematical game theory and statistics department), 2001-2006.

Specialization: Applied Mathematics and Informatics



  • Data science and statistics for business
  • Optimization of logistic processes and supply chain
  • Game theory and its application in management
  • Competition under condition of vertical differentiation



  • Zenkevich N. A., Zaitseva E. I., Gladkova M. A. Modeling of Cooperative Revenue Imputation in Film Industry: A Game-Th eoretical Approach. Vestnik SPbSU. Series 8. Management, 2016, no 3, pp. 3–29.
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  • Gladkova M. A., Zenkevich N. A., Berezinets I. V. Model of Product Quality Choice and Internet-Trading Case Study. // Vestnik of St. Petersburg State University, Management. Vol. 2. – 2010. – pp. 55–77.
  • Zenkevich N. A., Gladkova M. A. 2009. Strong equilibrium in a differential game with stochastic dynamics // Vestnik of St. Petersburg State University, Management. Vol. 4, pp. 84–94.
  • Zenkevich N. A., Gladkova M. A. Game-Theoretical Model of Quality Management under Competition. // Large-scale Systems Control. Vol. 31.1. – 2010. – pp. 210-239.
  • Gladkova M. A. Product Quality Choice on the Game-Theoretical Model Basis // Game Theory and Applications. Vol. 15. – 2011. – P. 49–73.



  • Lund University, Lund, Sweden, 2015
  • École d’Hautes Études Commerciales de Paris  (HEC Paris, France), 2010-2011



  • Drucker Award for Academic Tutor, 2016
  • Saint-Petersburg Government grant for students, PhDs, and academic institutions, 2009



Membership in international professional associations:

  • Member of Game Theory Society: 2007, 2012 –
  • Member of European Economic Association: 2010, 2012 –

Manager of the International Conference on Game Theory and Management, 2013-2017

Manager, Educational project with RUSNANO, 2012-2014

Member of Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Game Theory and Management, Graduate School of Management and Faculty of Applied Mathematics, SPbU, 2009-2012


Participation in international conferences and scientific seminars:

  • The World Congress of Game Theory Society, 2008, 2012, 2016
  • 15th International Conference on Knowledge technologies and data-driven business, 2015
  • GSOM Emerging Markets, 2014-2016
  • The International Conference on Game Theory and Management, 2009-2016
  • Logistic potential of St. Petersburg for innovation economy formation, 2016
  • Infrastructure and logistics technology development for transportation systems, 2015
  • Sustainability and control processes, 2015
  • Managerial sciences in today’s world, 2015
  • Dynamics, Economic Growth and International Trade, DEGIT – XVI, 2011
  • Research seminar in HEC Paris, France “Game Theory and Supply Chain Management”, 2011
  • VI Moscow International Conference on Operations Research, ORM2010, 2010
  • IFAC Workshop on Control Applications of Optimization, 2009
  • International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications, 2008

Courses taught at GSOM

  • Statistics (bachelor program)
  • Quantitative methods for logistics and supply chain management (bachelor program)
  • Warehouse and procurement management (bachelor program)
  • Quantitative methods for business research (MIB)
  • Quantitative methods of decision making (bachelor program)
  • Operations Management (bachelor program)