Ludmila S. Serova

Associate Professor, Department of Operations Management







  • Candidate of Science in Economics (First Doctoral Degree), Leningrad Institute of Engineering and Economics, 1984
  • Leningrad State University (Diploma in Economics and Mathematics with distinction) 1966-1971



  • Methods and models of Operations/Production Management
  • Innovation project management
  • Business simulation games



Books, Monographs and Textbooks

  • Information technology resources of Russian economy. Textbook.– St-Petersburg, 2007 – 263 p. (with A.K. Kazantsev, E.G. Serova)
  • The Basics of Production Management. Study book –  Moscow, 2002. - 348 p. (Series High School). (with A.K. Kazantsev)
  • The Basics of Management. Practical School-book. - 2-nd edition. Moscow, 2002. - 544 p. (Series High School). (with A.K. Kazantsev, V.I Maljuk)
  • General Management. Practical School-book. 2001. (with A.K. Kazantsev)
  • Practical Management in case studies, economic situations, tasks and tests. Study book. – Moscow, 2000. - 376 p. (with A.K. Kazantsev, V.I Podlesnyh)
  • Management of Organization: Business simulation games. – St-Petersburg, 2000. (with A.K. Kazantsev)


Chapters in Books and Collections of Essays

  • The place of balanced system of indicators in project management // Modern applied management: instruments and methods. St. Petersburg. 2006. P. 330-345.
  • Innovation project management // The basics of innovation management. Theory and Practice. Edited by  A.K. Kazantsev, L.E. Mindeli. 2nd Edition. Moscow, 2004. P. 439-468.


PapersinAcademic& Professional Journals 

  • Multi-disciplinary situation game “Factors of Growth” development and practical application // Global Business and Technology Association′s Fifteens Annual International Conference - July, 2013 . (with I.Y. Churakova).
  • Micro-enterprises in the Russian economy: current situation and development trends // 2nd Annual GSFT conference proceedings. GSTF, 2012, ISSN 2251-2039. P. 45-47. (with I.Y. Churakova).
  • Micro-Enterprise: New Unit of the Russian Business Landscape // Russian Entrepreneurship. – 2012. – №12 (210), P. 38-43 (with I.Y. Churakova).
  • Microenterprises as organizational form of innovative business // Management of innovation. -2012. – №4 (20). С. 278-285 (with I.Y. Churakova).
  • Expert Assessments in practice of decision making // Management today. 2011. – №5(65). P. 292-299 (with I.Y. Churakova).
  • Information-technological resources of Russian regions: evaluation and comparative analysis. // Russian Information resources. Issue 6, 2008. P. 5-10. (with A.K. Kazantsev, E.G. Serova).
  • Imitation Modeling of Management of Organization: experience of development of business simulation games // Vestnik St. Peterburgskogo Universiteta (Herald of St.Petersburg University). Seria 8. Management -#4. - 2006. -  P. 186-207 (with  A.K. Kazantsev).


Case study

  • Baltyisky Zavod JSC Information Strategy. // The European Case Clearing House (ECCH). - 2012. - 612-051-1 (with A.K. Kazantsev).



  • 1996, 1998, 2000. Warsaw Polytechnic University, Warsaw (Poland);
  • 1994. Training centers of Tompson company (France) – Sodeteg and Fiat (Italy) –Isvor-Fiat;
  • 1991. Higher School of Technology and Economics of Drezden, Drezden (Germany).



  • 2009, Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation.
  • 2006, Honorary certificate of St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics.
  • 2006, Professor of the year of the Department of Operations Management (annual GSOM students award - Drucker Award).
  • 2004, Honorary certificate of the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation.



  • 1999, 2000, 2001. Invited professor Joensuu Higher School of Economics (Joensuu, Finland);
  • 2002-2007, Deputy Head of the Department of Operations Management;
  • 2002-2006, Member of Graduate School of Management at SPbU Academic Council;
  • 1995-2001, Scientific Secretary of the Academic Council D.063.63.01 for Doctor thesis defense, St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics;
  • 1990-2001, Scientific Secretary of the Academic Council K.063.63.03  for PhD thesis defense, St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics;
  • 2011 - , Full paid member , «Higher Education Teaching and Learning association» (HETL);
  • 2012 - , Academic professional membership «The Association for Operations Management» (APICS);
  • Consulting on inventory management and  resource planning and scheduling

Courses taught at GSOM

  • Operations Management (Bachelor program)
  • Project Management (Bachelor program, Presidential program)
  • Computer Business Game  “Efficient Management of Organization” ( Bachelor program)