Elena K. Zavyalova

Head of Department, Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management Department

Professor, Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management Department



E-mail: zavyalova@gsom.pu.ru




  • Doctor of Science (Psychology), St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Psychology, 1998
  • Candidate of Science in Biology, Military Medical Academy, 1980
  • Diploma of Specialist of Psychology , St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Psychology, 1974



  • Economic Psychology
  • Gender Psychology
  • Organizational and Psychological problems at HRM practices



Books, Monographs and Textbooks

  • Psychology of Success Achievement. SPb., GSoM, 2010.
  • Foundations of the Theory of Communication (co-author).  M., Gardariki, 2009.
  • Psychology of Entrepreneurship (co-author). SPb., GSoM, 2004.
  • Comparative Psychology. M-SPb, Sova, 2004.


Papers in Academic Journals

  • Human capital development: comparative analysis of BRICs.  European Journal of Training and Development, 2012, Vol. 36, No.2, pp.213-233 (with А. Ardichvili & V. Minina).
  • Work meaning among mid-level professional employees: A study of the importance of work centrality and extrinsic and intrinsic work goals in eight countries. Asia Pacific Journal of     Human Resources, 2011, 49(3) 264–284 (with P. Kuchinke,  A. Ardichvili,  M. Borchert, & E. Cornachione)
  • Human resource management and development practices in indigenous Russian companies and foreign MNCs: a comparative analysis. Int. J. Human Resources Development and Management, 2011, V/2/3/4, 179-193 (with А. Ardichvili & S. Kosheleva).
  • Relationship between Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction in Russian Business Enterprises. HRDI, V.13, 2 (with D. Kucherov)
  • Gender Stereotyping and its Impact on Human Capital Development in Contemporary Russia. (with S. Kosheleva).
  • Assessment of labor behavior factors and selecting line managers’ lines of development at Russian industrial enterprises // Journal of European Industrial Training. 2009. Vol.3. P. 271–296 (with S. Kosheleva).
  • Management by Values as a Core Toole of HRD during the Economic Transition: an Example of Russian Enterprises // Human Resources Development International. 2009. Vol.12, P. 449–457.


Papers in Professional Journals and Chapters in Books and Collections of Essays

  • Value approach in management of project organizations: Russian experience// New Challenges to Managing Organizations in Project Business». SPb., Agraf, 2008 (with S. Kosheleva).
  • Leadership, guidance and role structure of management at Russian companies. //Personnel-Mix, 2006, № 3-4.  
  • The peculiarity of the professional education of woman.  //Top-Manager. Business Women. 2005. № 3. С.50–54.



  • Haas School of Business, California University, Berkeley, 2007
  • SSVCH, Stocholm , Sweden, 1999
  • ABU-Consult GmbH Berlin Germany, 1997
  • IPU Munchen Germany, 1991
  • Academy of Management Graaz Austria, 1990



  • Member of the editorial board of “The International Journal of Human Resource Management”, 2007–;
  • Member of Russian Psychological Society, 2000–;
  • Member of Academy of Human Resource Development, 2008–;
  • Member of International Association for Research in Economic Psychology, 2007–;
  • Expert of EC TACIS Project, 1996-1997;
  • Scientific editor of Russian editions of R. M. Belbin «Management Teams: Why They Succeed or Fail», M., 2007; Max Lusher «The Lusher Color Test», M, 2002.
  • Consultant of several Russian and international companies:  “Shell”, “ Lenenergo”, “Admiralteyskie shipyards”, “Watercanal” and other.



  • Government award “Honorable Worker of Higher Professional Education of Russia”, 2003.



  • Belbin association (GB), 2006;
  • Kievits ltd (Netherlands), 2007;
  • CNT Consult (Germany), 1998.

Courses taught at GSOM

  • Psychology of Success Achievement (EMBA)
  • Motivation and Reward Systems (Bachelor program)
  • Human Resource Development (Bachelor program)





  • A new textbook "Human Resource Development Management" by Elena K. Zavyalova and Marina O. Latukha. Here >>
  • Research monograph co-authored by Professor Elena K. Zavyalova was awarded to Best Book of the Year Award by Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD, USA). Here >>