KU Leuven Faculty of Economics and Business

KU Leuven was founded in 1425 and has been an important educational center ever since. Today it is one of the oldest and most recognized Belgium Universities and one of the most famous Universities in Europe.A Faculty of Economics and Business education aims to prepare students for successful entrepreneurial endeavours and careers in the corporate world, in national and international public policy-making, or in research. To achieve this the FEB offers high-quality, research-based degree programmes in the fields of both economics and business, and from Bachelor to PhD.

Student life:

Students from approximately 150 countries study at KU Leuven. The countries with the largest student populations are, in descending order, the Netherlands, China, Italy, Spain, and India. FEB is one one of the faculties hosting the largest student populations. In the beginning of the academic year, the Orientation Days help newly arrived international students get settled in their new home away from home. Other initiatives throughout the year provide a practical, culturally enriching, and accessible introduction to the city and the university as well.

Accreditations and Recognition

FEB faculty is accredited by EQUIS.


Resources & Facilities

KU Leuven has 15 campuses in 11 FlemishCities. The Faculty of Economics and Business is located at four campuses. Exchange students are free to choose the campus to study at between Leuven, Brussels or Antwerp.Getting around is easy on foot, by bicycle, or by bus. University web-site: http://feb.kuleuven.be/eng/