NOVA School of Business and Economics

NOVA School of Business and Economics

Founded in 1978, theNOVA School of Business and Economics leads Portugal in the teaching and research of Economics and Business Administration disciplines. From the earliest days, the Faculdade has recognized the growing importance of globalization on Economic studies, and has adapted to it.


  • The faculty is made up of professors from nine different countries - recruited among the very best of the international market of Economics and Management
  • More than 50% of the undergraduate courses, and all of those in the Masters/Doctoral and MBA Programs, are taught in English
  • Through student exchanges in the Socrates/Erasmus Program, 40% of the undergraduate students in recent years have been from other countries.


The NOVA School of Business and Economics sets very competitive admission requirements, and takes a great interest in accompanying its students. The Faculdade also provides personal advising and course planning leading to curricula that are tailor-made to each student. Fewer required courses, combined with a wide variety of electives (operating on a "credit system" - another first in Portugal), assure that students obtain the specialization they seek.


Information source: University/School web-site