Public Private Partnership and Public Procurement Development

Track Chair:


Svetlana Maslova, GSOM SPbU,, research interests – PPP, international law

Ivanov Andrey, GSOM SPbU,, research interests – PPP, public procurement

Paola Valbonesi, University of Padova Via del Santo, Leading Research Fellow at HSE, public service delivering


PPP&PP Development Track will include two or three academic sessions on Regulatory impact assessment of corresponding legal regulation and round table / debates on the most relevant issues of public-private partnership in international and Russian practice with participation of academic, government and business representatives.


Potential topics of PPP Development Track:


  • Critical success factors of PPP projects realization in BRICS:

Identification and analysis of CSF of PPP in BRICS. Discussion of new public policy in Russia in PPP sphere including its main directions, goals, principles and recommendations for public authorities on development and implementation of PPP projects on the basis of CSF at different stages of project realization.

  • The opportunities and restrictions of new Russian Law on PPP:

Discussion of economic, financial and legal mechanisms of PPP in Russia in the context of new Federal Law on PPP.

  • PPP paradigm in Russia:

Consideration of questions devoted to features and problems of formation of PPP paradigm in different institutional contexts   and its influence on practical aspects of PPP realization;

  • Adaptation and application of best international experience of PPP in Russia (especially in the field of transport):

Consideration of international experience regarding to theoretical and practical aspects of interactions between government and business within the framework of PPP, practical aspects of PPP projects implementation and practical recommendations for decision makers participating in PPP.


Keywords presenting the track: public private partnerships, international experience in the field of PPP, international standards on PPP, critical success factors on PPP, new Russian law on PPP.