Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies

Track Chairs:

Irina Berezinets, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University

Yulia Ilina, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University


Corporate Governance (CG) track is intended to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in corporate governance theory and practice in general and transferring best CG practices to emerging markets. We are going to discuss a broad range of aspects related to development of CG practices in a specific context of emerging economies with their peculiarities of corporate ownership structures, board of directors’ activities and structure, institutional environment and regulation. We invite papers which study contemporary issues of corporate governance in a unique context of emerging stock markets, special role of institutions in CG, specifics of public companies governance and relationship between various CG factors and financial performance, as well as the experience of multinational firms operating in emerging markets, who must deal with local corporate governance mechanisms and various pressures. Questions for discussion include the following ones. To which extent international best CG practices are applicable to emerging markets? What is a relationship between CG mechanisms and companies’ financial and operating performance? What is the role of corporate boards? Are foreign ownership and foreign directorship related to improvement of companies’ effectiveness in emerging markets environment? What is a specific of CG in state-owned companies?



The track invites papers that address (but not limited to) the following topics:


  • board of directors: power, responsibilities, structure and performance
  • ownership structure and control
  • corporate governance and financial performance
  • corporate governance in state-owned companies
  • national CG environments: CG codes, institutional and regulatory environment
  • shareholders activism
  • shareholder versus stakeholder perspectives on corporate governance.