e-Business: Global and Local


 Track Chairs


Marko Torkkeli

Professor, Lappeenranta University of Technology


Sergey Yablonsky

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University




 About this track


E-Business comprises of business operated activities using electronic media, information and communication technology, and the Internet to achieve the successful implementation of business processes. E-Business has been shrinking companies around the world by consolidating them via websites, with consumers now buying their products on e-commerce sites. Moreover, collaborative software now manages international supply chains in the form of e-Marketplaces. This track panel is aimed at e-Business strategies, business models, innovations, digital transformation, knowledge management, education in e-Business, e-business entrepreneurship, and e-Business case studies in emerging economies.



Digital business or e-Business is increasingly important in our networked world of global transactions and global competition. e-Business usually refers to business conducted over the Internet, but in general, any network, public or private, can be included. The proposed track focuses on how e-Business is carried out globally and locally, including innovative technologies, strategy, business models, value chain, infrastructure, services, planning, marketing, and electronic retailing, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of e-Business. We hope to discuss challenges and opportunities that arise in managing multi-sided platforms (henceforth, MSP) and innovation “across borders”. Specifically, the focus will be placed on understanding how multinational firms can deploy existing MSPs that it would lead to the creation of strong competitive advantages and innovative way of operating for international expansion to the emerging markets with the specific emphasis on Russian MSPs (Russian Yandex, VK, mail.ru, moikrug.ru, www.bay.ru, ozon.ru, molotok.ru), Chinese MSPs (Baidu, Ali Baba etc.). Also, the objective is to compare those with developed market MSPs (Amazon, eBay, Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb etc.), and undertake the critical analysis of their differences and competition in emerging markets of Russia, China, Brazil, India etc.   


Keywords presenting the track: e-Business, ICT innovation, Multi-sided platforms, e-Finance, e-Marketplace, digital marketing, digital transformation, digital startup.




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