Knowledge exchange in multi-sided platforms and it implications for firm performance

Research is conducted with financial support from St. Petersburg State University grant (Project No.16.38.378.2015)




The project addresses the problems of knowledge sharing at multi-sided platforms that include permanent online platforms, and temporal offline/online platforms like scientific and practitioner-oriented conferences and international trade fairs.



Project aim:


The project aims to answer questions like the following:

  • What are the main business models, mechanisms and factors that explain the knowledge and innovation effects of MSPs and MSP ecosystems?
  • How does inter-firm knowledge sharing at permanent and temporary MSPs influence the performance of firms?
  • What strategies should firms use with regards to participating at permanent/temporary MSPs and MSPs ecosystems in order to enhance their performance?
  • What knowledge sharing strategies including marketing strategies should permanent/temporary MSPs use with regards to participating firms in order to mobilize them on board and enhance MSP´s performance?


The importance of answering these questions is determined by several factors. First, in spite of the fast growth of the modern information and communication technologies, the importance of innovative business models for open innovations and knowledge sharing between organizations, like the ones found at MSPs, is only growing. Second, knowledge sharing at MSPs is an important condition for firms to acquire external knowledge for the firms in the high technology industries that are characterized by the high level of uncertainty and rapid rate of change. Third, in spite of the big amount of resources spent by firms and organizers on temporal MSPs , the strategic knowledge and innovation potential of temporary MSPs is largely overlooked.


It will provide a broad overview of MSP intermediaries and ecosystems for sharing knowledge/sharing economy, will specify e-intermediary taxonomy, proposes and examines main business models and cases.