International conference "Public sector transition: improving service delivery"

The 10th International Conference “Public Sector Transition: Improving Quality of Management”, St. Petersburg, October 31 - November 1, 2008.
Key conference topics:
- Service Delivery in the Public Sector
- Issues in Public Economics
- New Public Management
- Strategic Management in the Public Sector
- Budgeting and Finance in the Public Sector
- International Perspective on Public Finance and Private-Public Partnerships
- The Role of Workers and Trade Unions in Public Services
- Corporate Governance and State-owned Enterprises
- E-Government and ICT in Public Administration
 This conference continues the series of research seminars and conferences held in 1995-2007. The detailed information about previous events is at the web sites of ASPE (www.aspe.spb.ru) and Graduate School of Management (www.gsom.spbu.ru).
The eighth annual meeting of ASPE will be held during the conference.
Working languages: Russian and English.
Venue: 3, Volkhovsky per., Saint Petersburg, 199004, Russia
Detailed information is available here.