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During the Doctoral program studies students collaborate with academic advisors intensively at every stage of the Doctoral dissertation preparation. The choice of academic advisor is connected with Doctoral Program Academic Advisors main research directions that can be found below. More detailed information about each academic advisor you can find on “Faculty” page.


Should you have any questions concerning the choice of research topic or research interests of supposed academic advisor please contact Academic Director of Doctoral program, Professor Galina V. Shirokova. You can also contact your future academic advisor directly. Academic Director of Doctoral program will help you to define list of potential academic advisors, your research interests, topic of your dissertation, to organize a meeting and choose your future academic advisor.


During the doctoral dissertation preparation Doctoral students have an opportunity to be involved in Research projects realized by the Research Centers that operate as part of GSOM SPbU. We kindly recommend Doctoral Students to get acquainted with main research directions for research and projects of GSOM SPbU Research Centers: 






 List of Doctoral Program Academic Advisors


Name and Contact Information

Research Directions


Tatiana A. Gavrilova


  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Knowledge Management
  • Ontologies for Teaching and Management, Education
  • ICT in Blended
  • Corporate information systems
Information Technologies in Management Department

Marina O. Latukha

Associate Professor

  • International Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Universities
  • Talent Management
  • Knowledge acquisition, absorption and transformation mechanisms in global environment
Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management Department

Andrei Yu. Panibratov


  • International strategies of Russian firms
  • Management in multinationals
  • Outward FDI from and to Russia
  • Internationalization of Russian firms
Department of Strategic and International Management

Galina V. Shirokova


  • Strategic Orientations of Entrepreneurial Firms
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development in Emerging Markets
  • Student Entrepreneurship
  • Venture Cognitive Logic during New Venture Creation
Department of Strategic and International Management

Maria M. Smirnova

Associate Professor

  • Marketing: evolution, theory, strategies and tactics
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Marketing and Innovations
  • Marketing in context of digital technologies development
  • Joint innovations
Marketing Department

Elena K. Zavyalova


  • Leadership and role structure of HRM in organization
  • Gender aspects of professional management
  • Organizational and Psychological problems at HRM practices
Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management Department

Nikolay A. Zenkevich

Associate Professor

  • Management Problems
  • Long-, medium-, and short-term aspects of management in organization, operational management
  • Development of managerial decision-making mechanisms and methods
Department of Operations Management
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