Why to choose GSOM SPbU Doctoral Program?

Three valuable reasons to apply for the GSOM SPbU Doctoral program are:


Excellent working conditions:

  • 6 vacancies for the best doctoral students that are totally covered by the Federal budget;
  • A scholarship adjusted to the cost of living as well as an opportunity to earn extra money as a GSOM SPbU research assistant or teacher assistant. Financial support depends on Doctoral students’ performance and academic results.
  • Only professors with publications in leading Russian and international journals only have the right to supervise;
  • Funding for participation in leading international research conferences.


Funding and support:


GSOM PhD students (Russian and foreign) are eligible to receive financial support from GSOM.


The GSOM SPbU Doctoral financial support includes:

  • Monthly scholarships up to 27 000 RUB
  • Individual funding for travelling abroad to participate in international conferences and seminars up to 150 000 RUB (for 3 years);
  • Individual funding for study period (1-2 weeks or 1-2 months) abroad


Students are expected to apply for any alternative support for which they are eligible.

Besides, starting from the 3rd year of the program they are eligible to get a salary being teachers’ assistants or the GSOM SPbU research centers’ assistants.

GSOM SPbU provides comfortable accommodation at reasonable price in the University’s dormitory for those students who are non-St. Petersburg citizens.



Unique Research capabilities:

  • Close cooperation with GSOM SPbU Research Centers Network;
  • Strong international standard base curriculum composed of methodological and theoretical core courses;
  • Access to the well-stocked library, GSOM SPbU databases and network with the GSOM SPbU partners;
  • International research workshops and seminars are held on the regular basis with participation of professors from the world-leading Universities
  • Biannual Doctoral Research Workshops.


Strategic partnerships:

The program has been developed in close cooperation with key strategic partners:  
  HEC Paris Aalto University, School of Economics



The network of our partners supports the development of GSOM SPbU Doctoral program, including:

They welcome the GSOM SPbU Doctoral students during the second year of their study, according to educational results.

  GSOM SPbU provides its doctoral students with financial support to study abroad. Cooperation with our partners also includes the organization and development of joint courses, seminars, and research workshops in the framework of Doctoral studies. Internationally-known professors teach at our Doctoral program.

Double PhD degree with Lappeenranta University of Technology

Since 2017 GSOM PhD students will have opportunity to obtain a double doctoral degree in Economics and Management from St.Petersburg State University and Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland).

In 2016 St.Petersburg State University and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) signed an agreement for the double doctoral degree. According to the agreement, GSOM PhD Students during study period are granted with opportunity to conduct a research under double supervision of SPbSU academic advisor and Lappeenranta University of Technology academic advisor. Within 3-years period GSOm PhD students will have opportunity to submit a thesis approved by both academic advisors to the PhD defense and in case of successful defense obtain a double PhD degree from SPbSU and LUT.



Students’ retention rates


Year MIM
Enrolled Completed in 2 years
2016 10 NA
2015 9 NA
2014 11 4
2013 7 4
2012 9 4
2011 9 4
2010 11 8
2009 10 NA
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