Why do Executive MBA at GSOM?



The School brand, confidence in the degree quality, prestige of received education

  • University level of education through the development of skills of independent search and decision-making on the basis of profound systematic knowledge;
  • State diploma of further (in addition to higher) education: qualification "Master of Business Administration";
  • AMBA accreditationAMBA accreditation is an international gold standard for the recognition of schools in the world market of business education. In the end of 2007 the Executive MBA Program was tested by the International accreditation commission of AMBA. Since 2008 the Executive MBA program has been accredited by AMBA. It is for the first time when Russian business school received this accreditation immediately for the maximum period of 5 years both times. In addition to that the Council decision was unanimous and unequivocal.



Leading achievements of international theory and practice of management in the course content

    • All areas of modern management with a focus on owners and managers who are directly involved in business development in Russia and abroad;

Why do Executive MBA at GSOM

  • An opportunity for Executive MBA alumni to "speak the same language" with the senior management of any country and develop their company in the context of globalization;
  • The program does not have any specializations. However, you can choose a number of subjects in accordance with the curriculum;
  • Applied nature of the program; assistance in the transition from information to real strategy; systematization of knowledge acquired from the program and professional experience;
  • Integration into the international environment through training modules in the leading American and European business schools - partners of GSOM with the participation of foreign professors;



Communicating with outstanding people and obtaining new contacts

  • Why do Executive MBA at GSOMActive participation of Executive MBA students in guest lectures delivered by heads of Russian and foreign companies, in round tables and conferences on topical issues of business practice organized by the Career Center of GSOM;
  • Support the Alumni Association of GSOM in acquiring new contacts and in professional interaction between graduates and students of GSOM of different years of study and different programs;
  • Advanced theoretical knowledge and extensive professional experience of professors and students.



Improving leadership skills and development of managerial competencies

Improving leadership skills and development of managerial competencies

  • Improving leadership skills and developing managerial competencies through trainings, work in small groups and writing certification projects;
  • Using "business games", developed by leading experts of major companies, as a unique tool for learning the basic concepts of business;
  • A unique opportunity of individual testing and consultations with elements of coaching within the framework of trainings and elective courses.



Getting a complete education without being distracted from managing a company

  • The modular format of education with obligatory classroom lessons. Individual assignments and work in small groups at any time convenient for students outside the classroom sessions;
  • Ability to apply acquired knowledge immediately in business practice.



Ability to use the wide range of resources at GSOM

At students' disposal are:

use the wide range of resources at GSOM

  • Library with a wide variety of educational and scientific literature, periodicals and a unique collection of electronic databases;
  • Information Technology Centre with Internet resources and demo versions of software;
  • Training classes and rooms for working in small groups – that is the environment for productive work;
  • Individual e-mail address, personal password to access the "Information space of the Executive MBA student” and high quality training materials through the GSOM web site.



Participation of GSOM graduates and students in informal activities

  • Why do Executive MBA at GSOM"Terracotta sails" - annual traditional festival of the GSOM graduates. Terracotta color is the symbol of management in the global community of business education. The name of the festival shows that our graduates belong to the community;
  • "Traditional Christmas party for Executive MBA students" - this is the party of creative thinking and fun. It is the look at the program from inside, this is a possibility for each Executive MBA group to introduce their team and meet with colleagues studying at GSOM; this is the ability to increase the number of relations in the existing community.
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