CEMS club Saint-Petersburg

CEMS Club of St. Petersburg is a student’s organization that aims to help CEMS students to spend their CEMS semester at the Graduate School of Management in most active way. We organize seminars and meetings with corporate partners, professional workshops and cultural events.

The CEMS Club Team is waiting for ambitious students who want to contribute to the development of the CEMS in Graduate School of Management, to meet new people and just have fun!

Total Club members are about 30 people who are employed in the 6 departments.




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If you need to contact us, please use the contact details:



CEMS Club Saint-Petersburg official website











If you have a question, please use e-mail address: cemsclub@gsom.pu.ru





Charlotte Baratault


Karina Baisheva

Head of Marketing

Alexander Golubev 

Head of Russian Alumni



Anastasia Malysheva

Head of CSR and Tipster

Daniil Fetisov

Student Board Representative

Moritz Hintze 

Head of Non-Russian Alumni





Stanislav Tikhomirov

Head of Corporate Relations

Tribaut Dreano

Head of Local Events 


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