Global Management Practices


Tatiana E. Andreeva, Associate Professor, Department of Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management

Stuart Lawson, ‎ Executive director, Head of UK Business Center, senior advisor for financial

institutions and government initiatives in Russia and the CIS, Ernst & Young




45 contact hours; 139 student work hours




Aim of the Course:

The aim of the course is to provide students with the understanding of the challenges and peculiarities of managing and leading in the global context and to equip them with analytical frameworks that can be used to analyze real-life situations leaders may face, specifying those to the following:

  • to enhance students’ awareness (including self-awareness) of leadership challenges;
  • to equip students with both analytical frameworks and practical tools to analyze and understand typical leadership challenges in global organizations;
  • to train students to apply these perspectives through analysis of cases from different cultural contexts and
  • to develop their skills as future leaders in global environment.


Course Content:


Tentative course program (may vary slightly depending on class dynamics)

Topic 1. Core principles of leadership

Topic 2. Context of leadership

Topic 3. Styles of leadership

Topic 4. Crucibles of leadership

Topic 5. Successful failure

Topic 6. Crisis impact and leadership

Topic 7. Creation of a corporate culture

Topic 8. Politics of leadership

Topic 9. Culture as a context for leadership

Topic 10. Selecting and developing a leader for global organization

Topic 11. Challenges in managing MNCs


Teaching Methods:

  • Lectures
  • Tests
  • Analysis of cases, group discussions
  • Group work on the analytical projectы during the whole semester



Course reading:


  • HBR Crucibles of leadership , Warren Bennis, Robert Thomas
  • Crucibles of leadership, How to learn from experience to become a great leader’ , Robert Thomas , Amazon
  • Harvard business review R0504D: Seven transformations of Leadership, David Rooke, William Torbert
  • Harvard business school, 9-410-028. Life stories of recent M BA’s          
  • Harvard business school.9-389-054 notes on management of crisis Ivey, 9B04C021 Communicating in a crisis.



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