Marketing of Innovative Products



Maria M. Smirnova, Associate Professor, 
Department of Marketing




45 contact hours; 139 student work hours





Aim of the Course:   


The course aims to introduce students with the role of marketing in developing and launching innovative products with particular focus on research & market knowledge perspective. The course provides a framework for understanding specifics of innovative products, high technology and implications for marketers in developing and marketing these products.


After the course the students should be able to:

  • Understand current trends and theory of marketing in the field of innovations,
  • Understand key trends of market research for the launch of innovative products,
  • Skills and knowledge for preparing market study plan, market segmentation, positioning and developing a plan for product commercialization.


Course Content:       


Topic 1. Intro to the course. Organizational questions. Introduction to Marketing of Innovative Products.


Topic 2. What is innovative? Types of innovations. Innovative vs. high-tech products. Introduction to network economy.

Marketing framework from innovative perspective.

Innovative marketing culture. The role of market orientation. Innovation dilemma.

Understanding consumer perspective: Product adoption in the network economy.


Topic 3. Market knowledge

Understanding consumer perspective: Product adoption in the network economy.

Discussion on research methods, applicable in the innovative context. Traditional vs. advanced research approaches. Research philosophy. Small-n research. Consumer culture theory. Consumer insights.


Topic 4. Positioning. Complex approach to understanding innovation from the customer perspective: 4A framework.


Topic 5. Intro to an aligned marketing program: an overview (link between the research design and potential decision output for the project). Product level decisions. Product platform and solution. Branding of innovative products. Communication decisions.


Topic 6. Pricing and selling. Distribution decisions.


Topic 7. B2B FOCUS: Network perspective and collaborative innovation. 


Topic 8.Final project. Selecting the topic. Developing research design. Executing the design. Presenting the results. 



Teaching methods:   


The course is organized as an interactive workshop with intensive involvement of participating students. An applied project will be implemented during the course. Lectures, guest lectures, case studies, group work will be used as main teaching methods.

A very active participation in the course is expected from all the participants. Students have to prepare all the recommended readings and tasks before the class.





Marketing of high-technology products and innovations [Text] / Mohr, Sengupta, Slater. - 3rd ed., Pearson new international edition. - Harlow : Pearson Education, 2014. - II, 542 p. : il. - Includes bibliographical references and index (p. 527-542)


Extensive list of supplementary literature is provided separately



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