International Financial Management



Ruslan V. Belyaev, Senior Lecturer,  

Graduate School of Management, St.Petersburg University

Director, St.Petersburg Branch Manager, Member of the Board, ZAO Citibank




45 contact hours; 139 student work hours





Aim of the Course:   


The core objective of the course is to sensitize students to the international dimensions of financial management. The increased volatility of exchange rates, interest rates in the debt markets, country risks, emerging regional and global economic crises are core issues of the economic developments of the past 30 years. Those aspects effect on earnings of multi-national corporations, banks and individual investors as well as future cash flows and market value of firms. On the other hand, knowledge of specifics of international debt and capital markets, modern financing and hedging instruments is essential to compete globally. The above-mentioned topics are in the focus of the course.



Course Content:       


Topic 1. Introduction. Goals of International Financial Management. Overview of International Financial Markets.

Topic 2. International Parity Relationships and Exchange Rate Behavior.

Topic 3. Foreign Exchange Market.

Topic 4. International Debt Markets.

Topic 5. Project Finance and Financing of Public-Private Partnerships.

Topic 6. International Equity Markets.

Topic 7. International Banking and Financial Crisis.

Topic 8. International Derivative Instruments.

Topic 9. Managing Currency Exposure with Derivatives



Teaching methods:   


Lectures, individual assignments, case studies, group projects, tests





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