Introduction to Business Management: Accounting


Yulia S. Leevik, Associate Professor, Department of Finance and Accounting, Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University 




1.5 ECTS, 15 hours of classes






Goals and objectives:


This is an introductory course serves as a pre-requisite for International Accounting and Analysis course. The aim of this course is to learn about accounting as an information and communication function that supports the management planning, control and decision-making processes integral to achieving organizational objectives. The course should help students perform financial analysis, derive information for organizational decisions and understand business transactions.


Course Content:


Topic 1. What is Accounting and It's Role in Business

Cash turnover in business

Definition of accounting

Users of accounting information

Types of accounting

International accounting standardization


Topic 2. Basic Accounting Principles

Objectives and qualities of accounting information

Key assumptions

The accounting equation

How transactions impact the accounting equation


Topic 3. Financial Statements: Definitions and Structure

Balance sheet

Income statement

Statement of changes in owner’s equity

Cash flow statement

Financial statement relationships


Teaching Methods:


A typical class meeting will involve lecture on the material and discussion of problems, exercises relevant to the topic. Interactive forms of academic studies occupy about 50% of class time.


Course Reading:


 Donald E. Kieso, Jerry J. Weygandt, Terry D. Warfield. Intermediate Accounting: IFRS Edition. Wiley, December 2010, ©2011

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