Knowledge Management



Tatiana E. Andreeva, PhD, Associate Professor,

Graduate School of Management, St.Petersburg University



6,0 ECTS

45 contact hours; 150 student work hours





Aim of the Course:

In modern times, both managers and management theorists are increasingly challenged by the changing circumstances and contexts where the competitive advantage of firms greatly depends on their ability to create and use knowledge.

The aim of the course is to provide students with the understanding of knowledge as an organizational phenomena and source of competitive advantages for contemporary organisations and to introduce them to the key issues of managing knowledge in organisation, as well as to the key developments of knowledge management theory. The course covers current conceptual frameworks in the field of knowledge management and the key challenges organizations face in their knowledge management efforts. Discussing these issues, the course aims to answer the key question: how the company should be organised and managed to be competitive in knowledge-intensive era.


Course Content:

Basic definitions and concepts.  Key knowledge-related processes: key concepts and key problems.  The human factor in KM.  Organizational infrastructure for KM.  Cross-cultural issues in KM.  Knowledge management as a practice: KM problems and solutions in contemporary organizations


Teaching Methods:

The course is based on interactive teaching style with intensive student participation. Lectures are supplemented by readings. As a part of the course, students should prepare and present a project paper, dedicated to analysis of knowledge management practices in a particular company. This project work is done in groups. Details of group project assignment will be provided at the beginning of the course


Course reading:

Compulsory reading includes the selection of the chapters from books and articles from academic journals on the course issues and case studies for subsequent class discussion. The full list of readings is presented in detailed course syllabus.


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