Strategic Marketing



Johanna Frösén, Senior lecturer, Department of Marketing




45 contact hours; 139 student work hours



Recommended: International Marketing 


Aim of the Course:   


The course combines discussions of strategy and marketing to provide students a holistic perspective to competitive advantage in the marketplace. The aims of the course are to provide the students with conceptual tools for creating effective marketing strategies, to build an overview on the strategic role of marketing, and to discuss key strategic marketing concepts.


Course Content:       


Themes covered in the course include: marketing organization, marketing performance, market orientation, marketing processes and capabilities, business models, and competitive dynamics.


Teaching methods:   


The course is based on a reading package consisting of seminal articles from top marketing (and/or management) journals. The sessions consist of discussion on 2 pre-defined articles and case studies on each day’s topic. Before each session, the students are required to hand in reflection papers on each of the articles to be discussed in class. The tools and frameworks presented in the articles are also applied to case examples in in-class group assignments to gain insight on real-life strategic marketing problems.


Completing the course requires:

  • Reading all related material before each lecture, actively participating in class discussion (presence and participation mandatory),
  • Writing a 1-page reaction paper on each article (approximately 2 pages per lecture) and returning it to the course teacher before class,
  • Actively participating in group work and presentations regarding in-class assignments (focused on applying frameworks discussed in class to real-life company problems), and
  • Successfully completing the course exam.





The course literature consists of 20-30 key articles from strategy and marketing. A detailed list of readings for each lecture will be provided on the first lecture



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