Green Campus presentation (PDF) (in Russian only)



Opportunities for partnership:


  • Education in the field of sustainable development
  • Assistance in organization of solid waste separation with the recycling purposes
  • Eco-bags production
  • Mugs production
  • Implementation of eco-friendly water/electricity saving equipment
  • Your own offer


What we offer:


  • Information about the partnership:
    • In the Green Campus section of GSOM SPbU web-site  
    • At the educational events (lections, movies)
    • In our educational materials
  • Reputation of the company/organisation as responsible, involved in the society development 
  • Making CSR policy deeper than simple philanthropy concentrating on more profound and effective approach to innovation investments
  • Facilities for educational events in the field of sustainable development and corporate social responsability with all the neccessary equipment 


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