Our team

If you have general questions you don’t know whom to address, please, send them to our corporate e-mail, we regularly check for the incoming messages: greencampus@gsom.pu.ru.




Ekaterina Kondratenko — general questions


e-mail: ekaterina.kondratenko@cemsmail.org 

fb: facebook.com/yekaterina.kondratenko

Daria Vylegzhanina — main project “Plastic” 

e-mail: daria.vylegzhanina@cemsmail.org

fb: facebook.com/daria.vylegzhanina

Aleksey Konovalenkov — campus under construction “Mikhailovskaya Dacha”


e-mail: konovalenkov.mib2014@ledu.gsom.pu.ru

Valeria Kulikova — main projects “Responsible Consumption”,

“Electricity and Water Savings”


e-mail: v.o.kulikova@gmail.com

Anna Potanina — main project “Reduction and Control of Wastes”


e-mail: annie.potanina@gmail.com

fb: facebook.com/annie.potanina

Yakov Pyatnitskov — main project "Plastic Waste Reduction"


e-mail: yakov.pyatnitskov@cemsmail.org

fb: facebook.com/pyatnitskov

Anna Rogozina — L&D


e-mail: rogozina.mib2014@ledu.gsom.pu.ru

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