Открытая лекция Каролины Серрано «Эмпатия как инструмент собственной эффективности» при поддержке банка ВТБ

Открытая лекция Каролины Серрано «Эмпатия как инструмент собственной эффективности» при поддержке банка ВТБ


04.03.2016 в 17.00 состоится открытая лекция профессора Университета Aix-Marseilles (Франция) Каролины Серрано Аркими  на тему «Эмпатия как инструмент собственной эффективности». Лекция при поддержке банка ВТБ. Рабочий язык лекции – английский.



Автор о встрече:


“Empathy refers to the capacity that we have to put ourselves in the shoes of others. But why would we want to do so at work? The majority of behaviors at work can be described as similar to a carp, from the one side, or as similar to a shark, from the other side. Relationships are often based on domination-subordination interactions. Both of them are present in companies, but are not effective in generating high performance and a good climate at work. There is a third approach, the one of the dolphin. Empathy is developing the qualities of dolphins at work. How can we navigate in professional situations with a lot of work, pressure, challenges, objectives, trapped in political situations, running out of time, and still feeling efficient and motivated? Empathy development is one of the answers”.


Дата и время: 04.03.2016 в 17.00
Адрес проведения: Волховский пер., 3, ауд. 410