European Business School, International University Schloss Reichartshausen (Germany)

Anastasia Loginova (fall 2008)


My semester in the EBS

European Business School, International University Schloss Reichartshausen (Germany)My exchange semester started relatively early for European university - on 19th august I was already attending my first German class in the European Business School Schloss Reichartshausen.  If I could give a piece of advice to next generations of "Tauschies" (exchange students on EBS slang)  I would strongly recommend to visit the first introduction week, which consists not only of German courses (different language levels are available), but also includes city tours and other marvelous events. The first week was a good time for me to get to know all exchange students, find my first friends there and arrange all administrative questions. After all the funniest and most interesting parties were arranged exactly in the beginning of the semester, so it was worth being there!

Another advice, I could give, concerns the accommodation. In order to get a nice place to live, you should pay attention to this question in advance. Even though the village, where the university is situated is rather small, it would be better to ask for accommodation located close to the campus, because in my case the way to University took too long and became  really annoying to the end.


After one week we started choosing courses, which was not that easy, because in most cases we had no idea, what the subjects were about. Having seen lots of examples, I wouldn't recommend choosing the courses connected (even slightly) to aviation management, because if you have no experience in this area, it's almost impossible to pass the exam.


During the semester the workload was not too intensive for exchange students, that's why there was lot of time for traveling and other activities. My friends and me spent almost all weekends abroad visiting different regions and having fun all over the Europe.


But the exams were really all about stress and studying, that's why last weeks were really exhausting. Almost all the exams in the EBS are not about learning the materials, but about understanding, that's why we had to write a lot of essays during the tests. After all they are used to publish the grades not earlier than 1 month after you write a test, which was weird for me.


Even though there were several difficulties during my semester abroad, I spent nice time in Germany and met a lot of new friends there, traveling and partying made this 4 month unforgettable for me.


Anastasia Loginova