Information Management and Knowledge Management

Track Chair:



Tatiana Gavrilova,

Professor, GSOM 




This track examines how information management (IM) and knowledge management (KM) strategies and practices shape the results of the firms operating in emerging markets (EM).  How do emerging markets’ firms manage these assets? What KM strategies and practices are most commonly used by the firms operating in emergent markets? What KM practices or their bundles proved to work best in this context? Which forms of knowledge codification and structuring are most effective? To what extent international “best practices” in KM are applicable and efficient in the emerging markets’ context? How do emerging markets’ firms balance between engaging in open innovation processes and retaining control of their proprietary knowledge (especially in the light of weak intellectual property rights reinforcement systems)? This track welcomes research both on the indigenous firms from emerging markets and on international firms operating in these regions.


Accordingly, this track invites research that addresses (but not limited to) the following topics:


  • information management
  • knowledge-intense companies
  • knowledge creation
  • knowledge flow
  • knowledge engineering
  • knowledge sharing
  • knowledge acquisition
  • knowledge workers
  • social knowledge networks