Cross-cultural management


Jerome Dumetz, Senior Lecturer at REU Plekhanov (RU) and Unicorn College (CZ), Certified trainer in cross-cultural management,



5 ECTS, 45 hours of classes


Major, concentration:

Management: International Management





Aim of the Course:

Overall, it is hoped that participants by the end of the course will understand that there is not « one » way of managing and organising, as well as better apprehend the other’s culture, their own culture and culture differences in general.


Course Content:

Topic 1. Cross-cultural communication (What is Culture? Why CCM/CCC is important today? History of CCM (Anthropologists, Hall, Hofstede, Trompenaars).Culture as an onion (Artefacts, Norms & Values). The cultural dimensions: (Particularistic, Universalistic, Neutral, Affective, Collectivistic, Individualistic, Diffuse, Specific, Achieved, Ascribed status, Masculine, Feminine, Our relationship with Nature). Trust)

Topic 2. Cross-cultural management (Culture Transfer, culture Shock. Language, Body language. Time: What is time to someone? What does it mean? Corporate cultures (Guide missile, Eiffel Tour, Incubator, Family). Influences in HR, Marketing and Team Management. Reconciling cultural differences)

Topic 3. Practical tips (Negotiation across cultures: how to get prepared and how to minimise mistakes. Etiquette & Political correctness across cultures. Why diversity brings value)


Teaching Methods:

Lectures, group workshops, case studies (analyzing and transplanting), small group work, in-class discussions


Course reading:

Cross-cultural Management Textbook by J. Dumetz et Al. (CreateSpace Publ.) ISBN 978-1479159680

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