Innovation management


Ekaterina Sokolova, Senior Lecturer,




45 hours of classes


Major, concentration: 

Management: International Management



Management, Marketing, Microeconomics


Aim of the Course:

The course aims to provide students with knowledge of the innovation theory, modern trends of development of national economics, regions and firms, as well as skills of innovation management methods on microeconomic level.


Course Content:

Topic 1. Basic concepts of innovation management and creative destruction

Topic 2. Innovation process: concepts, models, structure

Topic 3. Innovation environment  of the firm: economics and market adoption

Topic 4. Organizational characteristics that facilitate the innovation process

Topic 5. Strategic alliances and networks

Topic 6. Management of research and development

Topic 7. Managing R&D projects

Topic 8. Open innovation and technology transfer


Teaching Methods:

Lectures, individual in-class assignments, case studies, group in-class work.


Course reading:


1. Trott P., Innovation Management and New Product Development, Pearson Education, (2005 or newer).

2. Christensen, Clayton M. (2000 or newer). The Innovators Dilemma. Harper Publishers, New York.

3. Articles provided by the lecturer during the course execution.

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