International Business Strategies


Andrei Yu. Panibratov, Professor,




45 hours of classes


Major, concentration: 

Management: International Management, Marketing



International economics, International marketing, and International trade


Aim of the Course:

The aim of the course is to provide students with understanding of the following issues: how the MNC is interpreted theoretically as an economic organization; how MNCs organize their resources and capabilities to achieve competitive success in international context; what managerial approaches MNCs use when entering and organizing activities in transition economies (the Russian Federation as a core example).


Course Content:

Topic 1. The theory of internationalization and foreign market entry 

Topic 2. The multinational enterprise and its strategy 

Topic 3. MNE’s foreign operation methods

Topic 4. FDI as a vehicle of the internationalization

Topic 5. Building strategic capabilities for emerging markets

Topic 6. Organization of the MNE activities in Russia 

Topic 7. Emerging MNEs from emerging markets

Topic 8. Evolution of Russian multinationals


Teaching Methods:

Lectures, individual assignments, case studies, group projects


Course reading:


1. Panibratov, A. Russian Multinationals: From Regional Supremacy to Global Lead, London, New York: Routledge, 2012.

2. Welch L., Benito G., Petersen, B. Foreign Operation Methods: Theory, Analysis, Strategy, Edward Elgar, MPG books Ltd, Cornwall, 2007.

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