International Human Resource Management


Marina O. Latukha, Ph.D., Associate Professor,



5 ECTS, 45 hours of classes


Major, concentration:

Management: International Management



Human Resource Management


Aim of the Course:

This course attempts to integrate the two most important themes in contemporary human resource management, the linking of the HRM function to promote and support a firm’s competitive advantage in international business environment; to provide the information about HRM practice in multinational companies.


Course Content:

Topic 1. Introduction to HRM. Models of HRM: historical overview and main issues. Organizational strategy and HR strategy. The main factors in organizational success in global market. International business environment and its influence to HRM practice.

Topic 2. The main parts of international HRM: functional blocks and instruments. Job analysis and planning. Recruitment. Selection. Training and development. Performance Appraisal. Motivation and compensation. Main definitions and international context.

Topic 3. Approaches to international staffing. Recruitment and selection procedures in multinational corporations. Expatriates in selection process: requirements and methods for international assignments. Global competencies for managers and leaders.

Topic 4. Differences in management education and training systems in different countries and multinational companies. Current trends in employee training and development. New forms of corporate education. Corporate universities as a main force of organizational development.

Topic 5. Career. Factors affecting career. Different types of career development. Global career system.

Topic 6. Global performance management and appraisal. Characteristics of performance management and appraisal in global environment. Practices of global performance systems.

Topic 7. Global compensation. Trends in compensation systems in worldwide companies. Objectives of international compensation. Main elements of global compensation packages. Repatriation issues.

Topic 8. Trends and future issues in human resource management in global environment.


Teaching Methods:

Group work, class discussions, simulations, student presentations, case discussions, guest lectures.


Course reading:

P. J. Dowling, D.E. Welch. International Human Resource Management: Managing people in multinational context. 2008, Thomson Learning, ISBN: 1 84480 0 13 X2


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