International Marketing


Vitally I. Cherenkov, PhD in Economics, Chartered  Professor,



5 ECTS, 45 hours of classes


Major, concentration:

Management: Marketing, International Management



International Economics, Marketing


Aim of the Course:

The course aim is to give students understanding how to analyze and develop successful marketing strategies and policies in international business.


Course Content:

Topic 1. International Marketing: Strategic Choice or Strategic Imperative

Topic 2. Global Marketing Environment: Structure, Dimensions, and Measurements

Topic 3. Foundations of  International Marketing Management : Strategic & Operative Levels

Topic 4. Foundations of  International Marketing Management:  Tactic Levels


Teaching Methods:

Lectures, individual in-class/out-class assignments, case studies, team working, in-class discussions, after class quizzes.


Course reading:

Hollensen, S. Global Marketing: A Decision-Oriented Approach. FT-Prentice Hall, Harlow, etc., 2007

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