International Trade


Vitally I. Cherenkov, Professor,




45 hours of classes


Major, concentration: 

Management: International Management



International Economics, International Business, International  Marketing, Financial Management


Aim of the Course:

This course aim is to teach students in understanding meaning and directions of international trade as well as skills in export/import management.


Course Content:


Topic 1. International Trade 

Topic 2. Main Techniques of Exporting/Importing 

Topic 3. Financial and Logistics Provisions in International Trade


Teaching Methods:

Lectures, individual in-class/out-class assignments, case studies, small group work, in-class discussions and business games.


Course reading:


1. Vitally I. Cherenkov. Guidelines for students' work on IM: main deadlines and deliverables, 2011

2. Welch, L.S., Benito, G.R.G., Petersen, B.:Foreign Operation Methods: Analysis, Strategy, and Dynamics: Edward Elgar, London.

3. Luostarinen R., Welsh, L.International Business Operation. – Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki.

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