Knowledge Structuring


Tatiana A. Gavrilova, DSc, Professor, head of Information Technologies in Management Department,

Irina Leshcheva, senior lecturer,



4 ECTS, 45 hours of classes


Major, concentration:




Informatics, Mathematics, Statistics, Fundamentals of Management, Information Technologies in Management)-1,2


Aim of the Course:

Students will be introduced to major issues in the field and to the role of the knowledge analyst in strategic management of a company. Attention will be given to relating knowledge engineering to other professional areas, e.g., information management and business administration.


Course Content:

Topic 1. Brief Introduction to Systems Analysis and Information management.

Topic 2. Intelligent technologies in IM.

Topic 3. Visual Approach  to Knowledge Engineering (KE). 

Topic 4.  Knowledge representation models in business practice.

Topic 5. Theoretical issues and Practical aspects of KE.

Topic 6. Ontological Engineering.

Topic 7. Knowledge Management (KM).


Teaching Methods:

The class will feature lectures, discussions, interactive games, short tests and students will have hand-on practice using mind-mapping and concept mapping software. Students would prepare a short essay and presentation based on it.


Course reading:

1. Knowledge Cartography: Software Tools and Mapping Techniques (Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing) (Hardcover) by Alexandra Okada, Simon Buckingham Shum, Tony Sherborne (Editors). Springer, 2008.
2. Mario Godinez et al.  The Art of Enterprise Information Architecture: A Systems-Based Approach for Unlocking Business Insight IBM Press, 2010

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