Mergers and Acquisitions


Elena M. Rogova, professor,



5 ECTS, 45 hours of classes


Major, concentration:

Management: Financial Management, International Management



Strategic management, Financial Management, Financial accounting


Aim of the Course:

The course is aimed at the better understanding of companies’ motives to merge and acquire the others; it also provides the students with the methodology of valuation and the principles of integration in the processes of mergers and acquisitions.


Course Content:

Topic 1. Mergers and acquisitions as a part of strategic development of a company: motives, benefits, risks

Topic 2. Valuation of M&A effectiveness

Topic 3. Organization of mergers and acquisitions

Topic 4. Hostile Acquisitions and methods of defense

Topic 5. Deal structuring and sources of funding

Topic 6. Leverages Buy-Out and their role at M&A strategies

Topic 7. Corporate restructuring as the result of M&As


Teaching Methods:

Lectures, tutorials, seminars, case studies, group work. The course also includes the homework and its results presentation at class.


Course reading:

1. DePamphilis D.M. Mergers, Acquisitions and Other Restructuring Activities. – 5th Ed. Academic Press, 2010
2. Bruner R.F. Applied Mergers and Acquisitions. John Wiley and Sons, 2004.
3. Brealy R., Myers S. Principles of Corporate Finance. 7th Ed. – McGraw-Hill, 2003.
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