Consumer Behavior



Dr. M. Deniz Dalman, Academic Director, CEMS program



45 contact hours



Course Description:

Consumer Behavior is a sub-discipline within marketing, concerned with the consumption activities of individuals, and lies at the crossroads of psychology and economics. From the manager’s perspective, understanding consumers’ needs is the first step in the product development process. The main objective of the course, therefore, is to understand how and why consumers are attracted to some (but not all) products and services in the marketplace, and, consequently, help managers to design product-market strategies to acquire and retain customers.

This course is relevant to those who are thinking about careers in advertising, product and brand management, and market research.

Course Content (Topics and subtopics):

-Stages of Decision Making
-Experiments: Causation, correlation, main and interaction effects
-Exposure & Attention & Perception
-Source Identification
-Message Comprehension
-Conjoint Analysis
-Memory & Learning
-Affect in Decision Making & Emotions
-Cognitive Biases
-Prospect Theory and Its Applications

Course Organization:

The course will follow a lecture, discussion, case analysis, and group exercise formats.
Students are expected to attend all classes and be fully prepared and actively participate in class discussions.
Maximum number of students per group:

Course Reading:

(optional) Hoyer, Wayne D., Deborah J. MacInnis and Rik Pieters (2013), Consumer Behavior, 6th Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company, New York, New York.
(Required) 4 Harvard Business School Cases (will be distributed in class)
(Required) 4 article reports as well as several other ones to be read before class (available through Blackboard and/or Library Databases)

Final Exam:

Final exam will consist of short essay questions to test the understanding of material presented in class.
In-Class, 90 min.

Grading Policy (% or points):

Group Project               100 (50 written report + 50 presentation)
Group Cases (4)           200
Group Articles (4)         100
Class Participation         50
In-Class Task (5)          50
Final Exam                  500
Total:                        1000

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