Manager Professional Skills: option 1 (Gamification and non-material incentives in management)



Daniil Muravskii, Assistant professor, Department of Marketing, Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University



16 contact hours


Introduction to business management: marketing (online or offline version)

Course Description:

Gamification represents the newest approach to management and marketing – applying the techniques learned from the multibillion dollar industry, which is video games, to increase the motivation, initiative and interest of the company’s main stakeholders through tricks, innovation and inspiration. In the course, the students will design loyalty programs, bonus systems and gamified strategies for employees and customers.
The goal of the course is to develop students’ skills in purposefully applying effective gaming techniques in managing communications, teams and projects.
The course would require the students to team up to design and play management games inspired by the best video game industry successes (Pokemon, Super Mario bros., Final fantasy; GTA; Mortal combat, etc.), while themselves competing for the maximum grade in the fully gamified course.

Course Content (Topics and subtopics):

Topic 1. Gamification 101
Topic 2. Stimulating employees through gamification
Topic 3. Stimulating suppliers through gamification
Topic 4. Stimulating customers through gamification

Course Organization:

The course will have a gamified structure as students will perform tasks and compete against each other in a series of challenges to receive the maximum score. The course will contain lecture, discussion and group exercise formats. The
Students are expected to attend all classes and be fully prepared and actively participate in class discussions.
Maximum number of students: 4 groups, 4-6 students each

Course Reading (the full list):

Supplementary reading:

  • Kapp, Karl M., Lucas Blair, and Rich Mesch. The gamification of learning and instruction fieldbook: Ideas into practice. John Wiley & Sons, 2014.
  • The video game theory reader / edited by Mark J.P. Wolf and Bernard Perron. - New York : Routledge, 2003. - xxii, 343 p.
  • Burke, Brian. Gamify: How gamification motivates people to do extraordinary things. Bibliomotion, Inc., 2014.

Exam format:

Home exam in a written form consisting from short essay questions to test the understanding of material presented in class. Additional research and supplementary reading may be required for successful completion of the exam task.

Grading Policy (% or points):

In-Class Tasks        60
Class Participation   20
Final Exam            20
Total:                  100

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