Global Economic Environment



Sergey Sutyrin, Professor,


Vadim Kapustkin, Associate Professor,


Vladimir Sherov-Ignatev Associate Professor,



45 contact hours


Introductory-level microeconomics and  macroeconomics

Course Description:

The aim of this course is to provide master students, specializing in international business and public policy, with the knowledge of what the major issues affecting the global economy are and likely to be in the next decade.

Course Content:

  1. Investigating Global Environment: What, How, Why. 
  2. The Global Landscape of Growth and Development.
  3. Human and natural resources as factors of global economic development.
  4. International trade and trade policy .
  5. International capital movement(ICM) and Its Regulation.
  6. International money and finance.
  7. International economic organizations and Global Economy Institutional Environment.
  8. Regional integration.
  9. Modern Trends in Development of International Economic Governance.

Course Organization:

Lectures and seminars

Course Reading:

  • Krugman, Paul R., Maurice Obstfeld, Marc J. Melitz. International Economics. Theory & Policy. Ninth edition. 
  • World Economy and International Economic Relations. Training Manual. Edited by Y. Kozak, T. Sporek, M. Zaec. Kiev – Katowice, CUL, 2015. 
  • Miles D., Scott A., Breedon F. Macroeconomics: Understanding the Global Economy (3rd ed.). Wiley, 2012.
  • Melvin M. International Money and Finance, 8th Ed., Academic Press, 2013

Final Exam:

Exam type (in-class, open book), duration 2 hours

Grading Policy:

Activity in class – 30%, assignments (review of the article) – 30%,  exam – 40%

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